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17 avril 2014 4 17 /04 /avril /2014 15:15


Communist Reconstruction Canada demands the immediate withdrawal of Canada from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and of the Canadian soldiers from any foreign territory.

NATO is the military alliance of the United States-European Union imperialist bloc. It is mainly led by the U.S. Government of the United States, which, since 1945, has organized hundreds of military interventions, coups, wars (Korea, Vietnam , Indonesia, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Angola, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, etc..). As Nazi Germany, the United States, through its economic, political, political, military policies threaten, invade, occupy and plunder countries to impose its hegemony over the world. The US uses bullying policies to intimidate and dominate every country, including its allies. The countries being bullied are refusing new infringements to their sovereignty and they will necessary, one day, refuse any other thep by the US. This could be the beginning of the Third World War.

Communist Reconstruction Canada calls for:

-1- the mobilization of the proletariat, of the peoples, nations and countries to oppose NATO, which is a fascist military alliance of a new type. As the fascist Axis (Italy, Germany, Japan), since its creation, NATO has been guilty (1 ) crimes against peace; (2) war crimes; and (3) crimes against humanity (Nuremberg Trial against a few German officiers and not against members of the German bourgeoisie who supported Hitler to apply their imperialist policies of German hegemony over the world);

-2 - The establishment of a United Front against Fascism and War, like the one advocated by the International Communist in 1935 and presented in George Dimitrov's Report at the 7th Congress of the International;
-3 - The resistance of the proletariat and the people against the NATO forces in all countries;
-4 - To reconstruction of one and only one authentic Communist Party in each country and of one and only one International Communist Movement unity according to the principles of democratic centralism the Communist Pa

Communist Reconstruction Canada states:

- that a genuine Communist Party is characterized by three fundamental principles of Marxism-Leninism, principles which are, all of them, essential and inseparable: (1) the revolutionary way; (2) the dictatorship of the proletariat; (3) the confiscation of the means of production and distribution, and the building the economy and the socialist society;

- that communists should rebuild the Comunist Parties and the International Communist Movement while building a United Front against Fascism and War. Both are essential for world peace, social justice, development and workers and peoples democracy.

Antonio Artuso - Communist Reconstruction Canada - April 17, 2014


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  • Le blog de Antonio Artuso - Reconstruction communiste Canada
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