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4 mai 2014 7 04 /05 /mai /2014 18:43

Mrs Elizabeth May - Thank you sincerely! - I posted your text in my blog (Communist Reconstruction Canada) - A few notes on the Nuremberg trial - RE: No CF-18s to Eastern Europe [3103]

Mrs Elizabeth May,

Thank you sincerely for your text "No CF-18s to Eastern Europe" [3103]
I posted it in my blog, Communist Reconstruction Canada.
Blog: antonio.artuso.over-blog.com

I would like to remind people that, at the Nuremberg trial, a few generals were condemned and hanged for :

(1) Crimes against peace;
(2) Crimes of war;
(3) Crimes against humanity.

German capitalists were not accused, except the Krupp family, and they were liberated.

The trip to Ukraine by Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada, the sending of CF-18s to Eastern Europe constitute:

[1] a violation of International Law - Interference in a conflict against the Ukrainian people, when Canada has never been threatened.
Stephen Harper and his government are taking sides in a civil war.
The civil war was created by the United States, head of the United States / European Union imperialist bloc, and with the support of the military alliance called NATO.
Canada in a attacking a .

(2) a crime against peace.

[3] Harper is supporting Crimes of war;
[4] Harper is supporting Crimes against humanity;
[5] Harper is supporting an illegal government, put in place by fascists.

Should Stephen Harper be tried in an International Court, he would be, and, in Nuremberg, if he were a general, he would be probably sentenced and hanged.

Rembember that Canada bombed, in 1999, for 90 days, with the other imperialist powers members of NATO, bombed hospitals, railway, water, electricity, telecommunications installations in Belgrade.

The crimes of Canada are now numerous

(1) Crimes against peace;
(2) Crimes of war;
(3) Crimes against humanity.

Capitalism is (1) exploitation of the workers; (2) economic, political and social oppression by the capitalist state; (3) the plundering of resources by monopolies;
Imperialism, the final stage of capitalism, is characterized by (1) crisis (economic, ecological, food, humanitarian, etc. crisis); (2) fascism; and (3) War.

Thank you again,
United Front against Fascism and War

Antonio Artuso
Communist Reconstruction Canada
Blog: antonio.artuso.over-blog.com
e-mail : pueblo@sympatico.ca

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Published by Antonio Artuso - Reconstruction communiste Canada
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