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1 juin 2014 7 01 /06 /juin /2014 21:59

Rise of fascism and war in the world.

For a United Front against Fascism and War.

Antonio Artuso - Communist Reconstruction Canada - June 1st, 2014

Ukraine is the last in the list of countries that have been the victims of United States - European Union imperialist bloc.

Is the world reliving the events that preceded World War 2?

1933 - Fire in the Reichstag - 2001 - Attacks against the WTC and other targets in the United States .
1936 - Spanish Civil War - 2014 - Civil War in Ukraine.

Communist Reconstruction Canada proposes the establishment of a United Front against Fascism and War as did the Third International in 1935 at its 7th Congress (Report presented by George Dimitrov) .

The US financial oligarchy, desperate with the situation of the country at all levels, made ​​the following choices:
- to terminate the bourgeois democratic regime in the US and establish fascism ;
- to reach the goal of fascism, which is : (1) to break any opposition to capitalism ; (2) to extend, by wars of invasion, occupation and conquest, US hegemony to the rest of the world;

- To attack , before it is too late, the weaker countries that are not completely under the control of US imperialism, including Russia before it becomes stronger than the United States and before the United States becomes too weak to dominate Russia.
After 1945, the US created the European Union: the Marshall Plan, the violent repression of Greece, the interdiction of Communist Parties, CIA infiltration at all administrative and political levels, promotion of European leaders ready to become lackeys of the US , etc.
The US financial oligarchy can still count on the oligarchies of Europe, because the European oligarchies and their lackeys politician and administrators who run the European states are willing to support a US-led world war and an invasion of Europe by the United States.

Today, European bankers and industrialists are prepared to support US fascism like the bankers and industrialists in France supported the Nazi invasion of France, because fascism-nazism would represse the working class and the French people who supported the Popular Front.

Capitalists prefer fascism to bourgeois democracy .
Peoples of the world must be ready to fight by using all means to oppose the dictatorships that the US-European imperialist bloc.
The Japanese financial oligarchy is allied with the US financial oligarchy and is preparing the Japanese State to prepare maneuvers to join the U.S. military forces and NATO.

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Published by Antonio Artuso - Reconstruction communiste Canada
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