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Montreal, July 11th, 2014

- Palestinian and Jewish Unity denounces in the strongest possible terms Israel’s latest onslaught against the Palestinian population of Gaza and demands that the United Nations work to achieve an immediate ceasefire to prevent further bloodshed . The response from Israel subsequent to the deaths of three Israeli adolescents has been completely disproportionate to the situation and smacks of a preconceived military assault using the deaths of the three adolescents as a justification for launching, once again, a brutal campaign of collective punishment against Gaza’s civilian population which has been subjected to an illegal blockade since 2007.

Despite the psychological effect of home-made rockets fired from Gaza into areas in northern Israel, there have been no Israeli casualties. The intensity of Israel’s disproportionate air attack has resulted in more than one hundred deaths in Gaza including at least twenty children, more than a thousand Palestinians injured, more than fifty homes destroyed, along with extensive damage to infrastructure. It has been reported that Israel has been targeting health centres including the European Hospital near Khan Younis where many Palestinians have gone to seek shelter. While PAJU condemns all attacks against civilian populations whether Palestinian or Israeli, it is clear that the Netanyahu government’s policy of provocation has resulted in the escalation of violence. Israel is attacking not only from the air but also bombarding Gaza from the sea.

‘There is evidence to the effect that Netanyahu was aware of the demise of the three Israeli boys within just hours of their death, knew that Hamas were not the perpetrators, but kept the information secret, all the while pretending that the three boys were still alive. Netanyahu manipulated the situation so as to provide a justification for attacking Gaza, this with the aim of disrupting the formation of a Palestinian unity government and trying to defuse the ever-growing BDS movement, ‘stated Bruce Katz, PAJU’s president. ‘The Boycott, Divestment and sanctions campaign against Israel has taken root all over the world, ‘ Katz added. ‘Netanyahu has chosen the military route in a desperate attempt to reverse the irreversible. That won’t happen. At any rate, there can be no relevant dialogue between Israel and the Palestinians unless there is regime change in Tel Aviv.’

For PAJU, this points to a preconceived plan of collective punishment as with the earlier Cast Lead campaign which constituted a war crime committed against Gaza’s civilian population. ‘The present attack against Gaza is one conceived with malice aforethought,’ added Bruce Katz. ‘It constitutes a malicious intent to kill civilians in cold blood in order to achieve a specific political goal. What is more, Netanyahu understood full well that Hamas would retaliate with rockets of their own, but in light of Netanyahu’s plan, those Israelis living in the north of Israel are only just pawns in the game.

It is time that Israel’s operations of state-sponsored terrorism against the Palestinians cease. This is an asymmetrical conflict, the massacre of Gaza’s defenceless civilian population, hidden behind the mask of ‘legitimate defence.’ PAJU implores the international community to enforce the rule of law as prescribed by international law and impose the necessary sanctions against Israel as was the case for the apartheid regime that once ruled South Africa. We also call upon Fatah and Hamas to move forward with their unity government and subsequently to bring formal charges of war crimes against Benjamin Netanyahu and all members of his coalition government before the International Court of Justice at The Hague. PAJU also wishes to express its dismay at the shameful complicity of the Harper government which unconditionally supports this criminal attack against Gaza.

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Published by Antonio Artuso - Reconstruction communiste Canada
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