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11 novembre 2013 1 11 /11 /novembre /2013 16:58
  • À l'attention d'Ezili Dantò, du Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network - RE: [ezilidanto] US Legalized Slavery in Haiti‏

À : erzilidanto erzilidanto
Haiti - Another Day Under Occupation - U.S. Legalized slavery in Haiti
À l'attention d'Ezili Dantò, du Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network
Nous avons affiché ce document dans notre blog aujourd'hui.
Salutations solidaires,
Antonio Artuso
Reconstruction communiste Canada
Blog: antonio.artuso.over-blog.com
Courriel : pueblo@sympatico.ca
> Date: Mon, 11 Nov 2013 07:03:18 -0800
> To: ezilidanto@lists.riseup.net
> From: erzilidanto@yahoo.com
> Subject: [ezilidanto] US Legalized Slavery in Haiti
> Recommended HLLN link:
> "Legalized slavery in many cases.."- Adoptive parents of Ethiopian girl found
> guilty of letting her starve
> "No one is keeping track of how many Afrikan children, adopted by white people
> are being killed and abused, but they should."
> http://dailym.ai/187yabs
> ************************in this post******************
> Another Day Under Occupation - US Legalized slavery in Haiti
> ******************************************************
> Ezili Dantò's Note:
> Another Day Under Occupation - US Legalized slavery in Haiti
> I've written this same essay practically since the US occupation began in
> 2004. Each year of their occupation, life gets more unendurable for the
> majority black nation. But each year more and more whites flock in to live
> behind gated communities they've erected in Haiti. The more Haitians die, the
> more the foreigners profit, accumulate greater power and glory as
> "humanitarians."
> "Every Jan. 1st marks Haiti’s freedom day.
> Oceans of our blood have poured and watered the soil to nourish civilized co-
> existence on this planet Earth and continue, this very minute, to soak the
> earth needlessly, simply because Haitians were the first to counter, in
> combat, European/U.S. biological fatalism, destroy their myth of white
> superiority and to do what even Spartacus could not.
> How should Haitians mark this anniversary?
> Who should we confer with about our awesome burden, our plight, our long
> struggle to be treated as human beings by the European “discoverers” and
> settlers? About the U.N. soldiers’ massacres, about the US occupation of Haiti
> behind the UN front, about the US/Euro open-pit mining for Haiti’s $20 billion
> in gold in the time of UN-imported cholera; about the savage
> disenfranchisement of the impoverished with US-supported sham elections since
> 2004, about their feudal pillage masked as humanitarian aid in Haiti, about $9
> billion in earthquake dollars collected that’s been put in foreign pockets
> leaving practically no footprint in Haiti, about the use of Haiti misery by
> the US/UN/NGOs to cash in, about the arsonist and firemen role played by the
> fake humanitarians, about the rapes of our women, importation of cholera
> that’s killed 8000+ and infected 750,000+ innocent Haitians in three years and
> the repression of Haiti’s defenseless poor? About the lies of the mainstream
> media and awful propaganda for empire by the likes of Bill Clinton and Dr.
> Paul Farmer?
> Who should we confer with about this insane Western force that attacks all
> that is not like itself, even though it had no attackers? About Bartholomew De
> La Casas’ “New World,” enmeshed in its own armor of materiality, caged in
> centuries of self-serving lies that defends itself endlessly from the planet’s
> masses, bringing genocide it veils in false declarations of benevolence?...
> In the book “Two Thousand Seasons,” Ayi Kwei Armah writes: “How have we come
> to be mere mirrors to annihilations? For whom do we aspire to reflect our
> people’s death? For whose entertainment shall we sing our agony? In what
> hopes? That the destroyers, aspiring to extinguish us, will suffer
> conciliatory remorse at the sight of their own fantastic success? The last
> imbecile to dream such dreams is dead, killed by the saviors of his dreams.”
> It is an exercise in futility to go to the perpetrators and executioners of
> human rights crimes in Haiti in hopes of getting justice for our people.
> Those who ousted the constitutional government of Haiti in 2004 – the U.N.,
> which acts as proxy to maintain this international crime, the Haitian lackeys
> and their Bill Clinton, Paul Farmer and State Department masters – are dead
> inside and cannot hear the cries of the Haitian masses.
> It’s not their mission or mandate. For they don’t represent life, liberty,
> democracy, development and decency, but its opposite. This officialdom, this
> authority, rains death, despotism, destruction, cruelty, inhumanity,
> injustice, and represents all that civilized peoples worldwide struggle to
> overcome. They write laws but are too “high tech” to live them. They mouth
> words of “justice” and fairness but their words are DEAD.
> To further quote Ghanaian writer, Ayi Kwei Armah: “Those utterly dead, never
> again to awake, such is their muttering.”--- Ezili Dantò, Jan 1, 2013: Another
> Independence Day Under Occupation, http://bit.ly/ZMhPVS
> ***************************************
> Forwarded by Ezili's Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network
> ***************************************
> "...Every responsible member must have the courage of his/[her]
> responsibilities, exacting from others a proper respect for his/[her] work and
> properly respecting the work of others. Hide nothing from the masses of our
> people. Tell no lies. Expose lies whenever they are told. Mask no
> difficulties, mistakes, failures. Claim no easy victories…"
> --- Amilcar Cabral, Guinea-Bissauan and Cape Verdean agricultural engineer,
> writer, and a nationalist thinker, 1965.
De : ARTUSO ANTONIO (pueblo@sympatico.ca)
Envoyé : 11 novembre 2013 11:09:31
À : erzilidanto erzilidanto (erzilidanto@yahoo.com)

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