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6 août 2014 3 06 /08 /août /2014 18:07

Petition by Cesefire

Urge Harper – NO Canadian participation in America’s Missile Defence Boondoggle


Letter to Harper, Trudeau and Mulcair - On Fascism of a new kind

Mr. Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada and Leader of the Conservative Party;
Mr. Justin Trudeau, leader of the Liberal Party;
Mr. Thomas Mulcair, leader of the New Democrati
c Party,

I not only support the opposition by Ceasefire to the joining of Canada in the U.S. national ballistic missile defence program.

I also support the withdrawal of Canada from NATO, a military alliance of the United States / European Union Imperialist Block..

Today, Canada, which is part of the U.S.-European Union Imperialist Block, and with its NATO military alliance, is blatantly violating International Law :

- with wars of invasion, occupation and plunder in the interest of a group of financial oligarchies of this Imperialist Block, and supporting or putting in place fascist regimes;

- with, "regime changes" (coup d'État to install pro-Western dictatorships, massacres, genocides (Gaza by the Zionist State of Israel) or dismantlling of states and installation of pure chaos

The leaders of the three major parties in the Parliament of Canada are supporting:

(1) the fascists in Kiew, who took power with a violent coup d'état and is bombing the people of Ukraine;

(2) the Zionist State of Israel, which is commiting genocide in Palestine, particularly in Gaza;

(3) the djihadist movement who is attacking Syria and Irak.

NATO is similar to the Nazi-Fascist military alliance, led by Hitler, with the support of German financial oligarchy, invading Europe and Asia, seeking for the total hegemony of the world by German imperialism.

With the victory of the Soviet Union and the rest of the Allies, trials were organized by the USA, the Nuremberg Trials. They did not condemn the German oligarchy who supported Hitler. They condemned only a couple of military officers. These officers were hanged for: (1) crimes against peace; (2) War crimes; and (3) crimes against mankind (genocide). The German financial oligarchy joined with the European and U.S. financial oligarchies.

Today, the U.S.-European Union Imperialist Block and its Military Alliance are a machine aiming at the conquest of total hegemony (economic, political, social, military, ideological) over the world. They are trying to intimidate Russia and China. The criminal and senseless policies of Canada and the other members of the US/EU Imperialist Block may cause a Third World War.

Antonio Artuso - Communist Reconstruction Canada - pueblo@sympatico.ca - antonio.artuso.over-blog.com

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Published by Antonio Artuso - Reconstruction communiste Canada
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